Belarus Makes VISTA Debut with Three Teams

Volvo’s continued expansion and growth means VISTA 2011 will see a number of new markets taking part for the first time. Belarus have entered three teams, all eager to prove themselves.

“This will be our first time taking part in VISTA,” says Sergei Melnik, VISTA team leader for Belarus. “It will be good for the development of our technicians and it will improve their knowledge.”

Belarus have entered three teams into the competition: Belmagistralavtotrans, Belavtogas and Grechko-Trans-Service. Belmagistralavtotrans and Belavtogas hail from Minsk, the Belarussian capital, while Grechko-Trans-Service comes from the city of Brest, which lies on the Polish border.

Belmagistralavtotrans and Grechko-Trans-Service have only been established since 2008 and 2009 respectively, and VISTA 2011 will be there first real engagement with the international Volvo community. “VISTA will be a great opportunity for them to see how many other people work for Volvo,” says Melnik. “It will really push the message that we are a global company and that they are not alone.”

“All the teams are very excited. They’re looking forward to seeing what level they are at compared with the rest of the world.” Sergey Melnik has nominated Belmagistralavtotrans (pictured) as the nation’s most promising team, but is optimistic about all three’s chances. “I think we have some very good technicians with good knowledge, so I think there is a good chance that one of our teams will make it to the semi-finals.”

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