Italy Hope to Make Biggest Impact Yet

VISTA 2011 will not only see a number of new markets taking part for the first time, but also the return of some seasoned competitors.

”I’ve been working with VISTA since 1983,” says Pietro Iotti, VISTA Team Leader for Italy. “Every time I still find the same excitement and passion to work with the competition.”

Italy has traditionally been a strong and enthusiastic participate, and VISTA 2011 is no exception. 83 of the country’s 99 dealerships and workshops have registered, with a total 145 teams, consisting of 528 participants, taking part in the championship. Italy will also be one of nine locations worldwide that will be hosting semi-finals early next year.

“This year will be a whole new experience. We have to organise the semi final in Italy and host the Nordic and Central European teams too,” says Iotti. “This is a new and challenging opportunity for us, and the pressure is on our teams to achieve their best results ever.”

With so many teams and such a long history competing in VISTA, expectations are high. “We expect to keep at least 80% of all our teams in all three rounds and we hope that our technicians will reinforce the team spirit and the desire to stay updated by selecting the right information.”

“The first round has already started and after the working day teams meet for discussions about the VISTA questions,” says Iotti. “It is a great opportunity for all members to test themselves and try to find the information in Impact.”

Like all participating markets, Pietro Iotti appreciates all the benefits of VISTA competitions, regardless of teams’ results. ”Our teams consider VISTA vital for improving their knowledge and as a measure their competence.”

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