VISTA 2011 Kick-offs!

Over the summer the competition for Vista 2011 was officially launched with kick-off meetings held in Asia and the Middle East.

The North African and Middle East (NAME) Area within the International Division began their preparations for the competition with an official kick-off in Dubai. Over a three-day meeting held on 8th – 10th July, regional market VISTA leaders gathered in Volvo Trucks Training Centre in Dubai to learn the importance and value of the competition.
Weeks later the ATO followed with a similar kick-off, with participants meeting at the Sunway Resort in Malaysia over two days in late July.

Participants at both meetings were briefed on VISTA’s format, rules, schedules, incentives and marketing opportunities, as well as the competition’s core values. But more importantly they also learnt about the many benefits the event would have for their dealership and for Volvo as a whole.

The meetings were also a fantastic opportunities for regional leaders to socialize informally, meet colleagues, as well as exchange ideas and experiences.

Kick-off meetings such as these are a vital way of promoting VISTA and encouraging employees to take part. Hopefully all participants have returned to their home countries inspired by the event and have been working hard to build their winning teams.

The meetings were the first step in a long process that will culminate in a world final held in Gothenburg, Sweden next summer, where one team will be crowned world champions.

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