VISTA 2011 Round One – What to expect.

With only days left before the competition >for VISTA 2011 official begins, teams from all over the world will no doubt be anxiously waiting for Round One to begin.

From midnight (CET time) this Sunday teams will receive 30 questions from the VISTA development team, which will consist of technical questions on both trucks and buses, as well as questions on commercial aspects of Volvo.

“It is important to have a broad scope of knowledge within your team,” says Göran Adielson of the VISTA development team. “Together you want to have a good overall knowledge of Volvo trucks, buses and their respective aftermarkets.”

Teams will have exactly two weeks to submit their answers, with the deadline closing at midnight on September 26th.

“Being skilled at finding information in Volvo Impact will be a big advantage,” says Adielson. “And again I cannot emphasis enough how important it is that your team has people skilled in every area of the competition.”

This will be the first of three theoretical rounds, with each getting progressively more difficult. It is just the first of many steps to the VISTA 2011 final in Gothenburg, Sweden next northern summer.

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