Australia Prepares for Another VISTA

Steve Randall has worked in service for over 16 years, and VISTA 2011 will be his third competition. His teammate, Matt Elias, is taking part for the first time having only worked in parts for a year. Together with Nick Larman and Michael Lennon, they make up CMV Team 3, and despite the differences in age and experience amongst them, they all agree that the have a lot to learn from VISTA 2011.

“VISTA is a fantastic development tool for our aftermarket staff,” says Neil Heinemann, National Competence Development Manager for Australia. “The knowledge gained from such an event is fantastic as it gives those that participate a leading advantage in knowing our products and systems better to further improve customer satisfaction.”

CMV Team 3 are just one of 147 teams from Australia taking part in VISTA 2011. The country has long been an active participant in the competition, and in 2011 they will once again host a semi final for the Australia/New Zealand leg of the tournament.

“The great thing about VISTA is that it is aimed at staff that normally are not given the feedback they always deserve,” says Heinemann. “It shows the gratitude of Volvo to the work they do, which in turn should also lead to higher employee satisfaction.”

Michael Lennon has worked as a Warranty Costing Clerk for four years and is participating in VISTA for the second time. “I hope to improve on last time,” he says. “I’m hoping to get better product knowledge and get better at looking things up on Impact.”

“I’m hoping to learn different fault tracing,” says Nick Larman, who spent two and a half years working in Parts, before switching to Service. “But I’m also looking forward to meeting other people and getting their input.”

Regardless of how far CMV Team 3 progresses in the competition, Neil Heinemann knows from personal experience that they and all other participants, will all be better for it. “The confidence of individuals grows and they become more competent at finding the material required to repair and give advice on vehicles,” says Heinemann. “The morale and team work that is built during VISTA is something that brings the dealer as a whole together.”

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