Round One – The Verdict

It has been over a week now since Round One of VISTA 2011 closed, and as results slowly filter in, everyone wants to compares notes and know how Round One went.

”In my opinion is it was really interesting and educational,” says Divakara Gd from team I-4 of the United Arab Emirates. ”We had to learn some things about some models of trucks and buses that are not sold in Middle Eastern market, so we were not really aware of them. But even though we haven’t worked on these models, we got an opportunity to learn about them and develop our skills.”

First-time participant Michel Vancampenhout from Brussels, Belgium, also enjoyed the experience, even if one question was particularly tricky. ”Some questions where difficult to find for us but we took our best shot,” he says. ”The biggest challenge was the tiebreaker: I looked for the average temperature in Gothenburg and I looked for the weight density of 1l diesel and 1l Ad-Blue, and calculated the theoretical weight of the truck. It takes a lot of thinking but I enjoyed it!”

”Already, after only one round, I’ve found information on the Volvo Dealer Workshop Portal that I wasn’t even aware was there,” says Reece Skinner, team captain for the Argus Nut Cases, from Southampton, UK. ”I always find this interesting and love to learn new things about our products and the support that’s available.”

”A lot of the questions were quite relevant to the type of work we carry out on a day-to-day basis and some were very educational,” agrees Reece’s teammate Robin Hayman. “For example a question on the DAS Driver Alert System, which I personally have not been involved with at all yet, required me to read the entire Description, Design and Function information.”

Overall the response has been positive, with most participants finding Round One challenging and educational. However all teams should be aware that Round Two, which starts on 15th November, will be tougher, so don’t allow your team to become complacent.

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