Korea Aims High

As one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Korea has a proud history in the motor vehicle industry, including trucks and buses. It is a legacy that Korean teams will be looking to live up to when they take part in VISTA 2011.

This year Korea has 309 participants forming 80 teams from 22 different dealerships. This is nearly double their participating numbers for VISTA 2009, when 43 teams took part.

“VISTA is an excellent program because it improves employees’ skills and knowledge, increases workshop efficiency, and reduces errors,” says Sigwan Seong, VISTA leader for Korea. “It also builds better teamwork and increases customer satisfaction.”

In Korea VISTA is taken very seriously, and the country’s teams are determined to do well. Dealerships and management are offering everything they can in terms of training and support, and participants are just as determined to excel. “Team members have regular discussions during working hours and after work they have self-study at home using Impact.”

Accordingly, expectations are high. “In VISTA 2009 we had a team participate in the World Final, and without fail we will have another team going to the VISTA 2011 World Final too,” says Seong. “Once we decide the Korea champion we will offer more specialised training so that they can succeed.”

With such confidence, steely determination and thorough preparations, no doubt Korean teams are going to be fierce competitors in VISTA 2011.

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