Three new markets in Latin America take part in VISTA for the first time

As Volvo’s Latin American markets continue to grow, so does the region’s participation in VISTA. With Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay already active participants, VISTA 2011 will see three news markets in Latin America: Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

“We will have one team participating in VISTA 2011, which will be our first challenge as a new Volvo Bus and Trucks dealer,” says Johanna Vásquez, VISTA leader for Colombia. “We expect to gain experience, challenge the technicians’ skills and get involved with all the Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses employees in the world.”

A lack of experience in VISTA shouldn’t be a hindrance as the Colombian team have already taken part in similar competitions. “As we have been a Volvo Construction Equipment dealer for many years, we have participated in Volvo’s Masters Cup every year, which is not unlike VISTA,” says Vásquez. “Technicians work in groups, in direct competition with others, and need to constantly be updated on technical support. Last year our team finished second in Latin America.”

Colombia’s VISTA team will also be coached by a Volvo instructor with over 25 years experience. “We firmly believe in our technicians’ skills,” stresses Vásquez “But the most important factor is getting the experience and knowledge to help us become an integral dealer.”

Educator is just as excited to be making their VISTA debut. “We are a new Volvo dealership, so this will be our first year in a VISTA competition, but we are very motivated to reach the highest standard,” says Antonio Parra, VISTA leader for Ecuador. “We hope to increase our knowledge about Volvo products and their culture, and we think VISTA is the best way to do this.”

Ecuador’s four-man team consists of two Volvo service technicians, one warranty coordinator and one parts salesman. “We have the support from MACASA, our dealership, to achieve our goal of reaching the final in Sweden,” says Parra. “In order to do that, we arrange weekly meetings every Tuesday, where we perform educational activities to improve our skill level. Every participant is committed to keeping this constant training schedule.”

Can we expect to see an Ecuadorian team in Gothenburg next summer? “Definitively! We are sure to make the final and will be giving our best.”

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