Round Two – the verdict

Round Two of VISTA 2011 is now over in all markets, as the competition takes another big step towards the World Final next June. Was the second round of questions harder than the first? We catch up with some participants to find out.

“Second round was more educational compared to the first round. There were a couple of good questions, which made us think from different angles and after brain storming with my group members, we finally managed to get the correct answer,” says Sibi Mathai, who is a VISTA veteran, having taken part since 1999 when he started working for Volvo India. He now owns his own Volvo dealership and is so grateful for the learning experience VISTA offered him that he named his dealership Vista Driveline Motors. “VISTA is a learning process filled with fun,” says Mathai. “Some times people hesitate to learn but VISTA makes you love to learn.”

“Round Two was more varied and some questions had the possibility of two or more answers,” says Jan-arie Verschoor, from Team Rotterdam in the Netherlands. “We have had to be very creative when searching for answers, and it has taken

us through all systems of Volvo.” However Santiago Salinas from Argentina had a completely different experience. “Round Two was easier in comparison to Round One,” he says. “Not regarding difficulty, but because we did not find many ambiguities in the answers.”

Ricardo Cruz from Portugal was one of many participants who found Round Two more challenging. “I thought Round Two was harder, and I felt we came short in resolving some issues,” he says. “But overall we are still confident of making it to the end and getting a good result. I know we’re not the best team, but I hope we go far, and of course we are always confident.”

Such feedback will be reassuring for VISTA organisers who deliberately designed Round Two to be more challenging. The competition is heating up the closer we get to the semi finals, and Round Three will be harder still. “We are more confident and eagerly looking forward to the third round,” says Sibi Mathai. “We expect the third round will be tougher than this, which does not bother us much as we are confident in getting the answer from Impact.”

But VISTA is more than a competition: it is a mass training programme. The tougher the challenge, the steeper the learning curve, and all participants we spoke too felt they were benefiting from taking part in VISTA. “At an education level we learn a lot because we get to investigate more advanced technologies than the ones available in our country,” says Santiago Salinas. “The championship is also good for us to learn about the weaknesses and the strengths of our partners.”

“It has brought us closer together and established us as a team, which allows us to know each other better,” says Jan-arie Verschoor. “The third round will certainly not be easy but we going for zero error!”

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