Round Three Preview

Round Three of VISTA 2011, the last round of theoretical questions before the semi finals, commences in less than a week, with the competition still incredibly tight. From midnight (CET time) this Sunday, 30th January, all teams will receive their final 30 questions.

“Our aim has been to make the questions more complex, as we look to separate the semi finalists from the rest,” says Göran Adielson from the VISTA development team. “Having said that, this often depends on the participants. We tried to make Round Two more challenging but some people thought Round Two was actually easier, while some thought it was more challenging, so sometimes the level of difficultly can be different for different teams.”

Despite two rounds having already passed the competition in many markets remains incredible tight, and it is quite possible that a number of regions will need to resort to tie breaking questions.

3740 teams originally registered for VISTA 2011, but only 150 will qualify for the semi finals. Unfortunately this means that for many teams Round Three will be where VISTA 2011 ends, however as has already been stressed so often throughout the competition, the purpose of VISTA is developing workplace competence, and in this respect all teams have won. To acknowledge their efforts teams who fulfil all three rounds will be rewarded with a special commemorative VISTA jacket. “Lots of teams have already learnt a lot, and have discovered documentation that they weren’t previously aware of, and all because of VISTA,” says Johanna Lundberg, Project Manager VISTA. “This is why we really appreciate people putting in time and energy into VISTA, and the VISTA jackets are our way of saying thank you.”

The deadline for Round Three is at midnight on February 13th. The best performing teams will then qualify for regional semi finals, where they will have their practical skills tested in workshops. In total there will be 16 semi finals held in nine different locations world wide, with the first taking place in Verona, Italy on March 28, and the last held in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 19. The semi finals will determine which 30 teams will qualify for the world final in Gothenburg, Sweden in the last week of June.

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