Team Extra maintain faultless record

Despite their young age and relative lack of experience, Team Extra are the only team in Greece, and one of the few teams in the world, to score a perfect 30 in both the first two rounds of VISTA 2011.

“Our workshop took part in the last competitions but for me personally this is my first time in VISTA,” says Valsamis Konstantinos. “The last performances was very average but since then a lot of things have changed. We created a new fresh team, maybe the youngest in the competition? None of us is older than 35 and the average age is 30.”

Valsamis is joined by three colleagues, Gerasimos Potsis, Athanasios Handros and Odysseas Kioupelis. What they lack in experience they’ve made up for in hard work and by forming a well-balanced team. “I’m not surprised by our results because we were expecting a great performance. We have spent a lot of afternoons and weekends searching for the correct answers again and again,” says Valsamis. “Our performance is due to teamwork. When I was asked to create a team I knew that the members should be capable of answering all questions and problems that a workshop faces daily, including technical, parts, warranty issues etc. Every member of the team must have specific knowledge and tasks to fulfil.”

As the only team in Greece to get every question right, Team Extra are in a strong position to qualify for the regional semi finals, which coincidently will be held in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. “We all knew that the semi finals would take place at our ‘home’ and we want to participate instead of just watching.”

While experience obviously helps and VISTA teams tend to get stronger with every competition, Team Extra have shown that with hard word and dedication, it is possible for first timers to progress far. “We are a young team and each of us is very excited. So far we are satisfied with our performance but it’s not enough. Although this is my first time participating in VISTA I would be very happy if my team will manage to go to the finals in Gothenburg,” says Valsamis. “Having said that, the most important thing for me is to gain self-esteem and increase our knowledge.”

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