A Tale of Two Teams: VISTA’s UK Bloggers

Over the past few months participants and followers of VISTA 2011 have been able to follow the progress of two British teams: Carrot Crunchers and MMAKY DEES. Apart from being VISTA’s first and to date only bloggers, the two teams have much in common. Both were world finalists in 2009, and after two rounds they are neck-and-neck in equal second for the UK region in VISTA 2011. Having meet before in previous VISTA competitions’, a friendly rivalry has quickly developed.

Team Carrot Crunchers made it to the world final in 2009, finishing 15th, and have been blogging regularly since last October. “The blog has been great. We’ve been able to keep up with other people and chat with other teams via the comments page,” says David Eley of the Carrot Crunchers. “I’ve never used a blog before, but it has been very interesting and great for communication. It has also been great using the Facebook site to find out about other teams and other countries who haven’t taken part before.”

The MMAKY DEES, from the town of Hythe in Kent, are taking part in VISTA for the fourth time. They’ve qualified for the finals in 2005 and 2007 (albeit missed out due to another team in the same depot also qualifying), and for the world final in 2009 where they finished 11th.
“It has been great being in touch with the Carrot Crunchers online,” says Malcolm Cook, MMAKY DEES’ team leader. “Hopefully we’ll see them again in Greece next April at the semi finals.”

Over the years both teams have become keen VISTA enthusiasts. “VISTA is excellent training,” says Malcolm. “It is very in-depth and it has taken us to places we didn’t even know existed on the Volvo network.”
David Eley couldn’t agree more with his competitor: “VISTA tests a wide range of skills. It really increases your knowledge of products and operating systems. It has also taken me on some excellent trips and unforgettable experiences.”
In just goes to show, even the most experienced and successful teams keep learning more with every VISTA competition.

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