Round Three – The Verdict

The third and final round of theoretical questions for VISTA 2011 is now over. So how did Round Three compare to Rounds One and Two? Did it meet up to its promise of being the hardest round yet? Did it continue to educate and inspire? Once again we catch up with some participants to find out.

“This was a tough round, and every member of the team had to push their knowledge to the limit, unlike the first and second rounds!” says Rob Casao from Queensland, Australia, who is participating in VISTA for the first time with his team Townsville 1. “It required more effort because most of the questions are more technical yet it was still very educational.”

Ebin Paulose, another first-time participant from Qatar, agrees. “The third round was a bit tough compared with the other two rounds, but it was really educational and quiet interesting for us,” he says. “We performed well, and I hope we will get an opportunity to participate in the semi-final, which is in Dubai.”

“I really enjoyed the competition. This is my first time participating and I am very pleased that Volvo do this type of events to see how able we are at solving problems,” says Luis Alberto Diaz, who works for Volvo Buses in Guadalajara, Mexico. VISTA 2011 is the first time teams from Mexico have participated, and Luis’ team Trabus, have been one of the standout performers in the country. “The third round was the most difficult. We have never worked closely with trucks but we had no problems with the questions and I’ve now learnt many things about trucks.”

From Australia to Mexico and everywhere in between, participants all over the world will now be waiting nervously for their final score, and hoping to sneak into a semi final. By the time this article goes to print some teams will already know. “Sadly Townsville 1 is not through to semi-final in Sydney,” reports Rob. “But the team Townsville 2 is through and actually finished second in the overall standings here in Australia.”

“Of course I’ve enjoyed being in the competition. It is a very good competition for motivating staff to locate, read, ask and use all their wits to search and to find information,” says Jose Perez Juan, from team Veinsur ZF 1, in Barcelona, Spain. “There are easy questions and tricky questions gimmicky, but there are other questions that have a double interpretation, and these are the troublesome questions.” Despite these difficulties, Jose and his team wait for the results from Round Three hoping for a near perfect record, and are quietly confident of qualifying for the Spanish semi-final in Beesd, Netherlands. “There is one question we might have failed, but if we have then we will have only missed one question, which we believe will almost certainly qualify us for the semi-final.”

For those that didn’t make it to the semi finals, the competition unfortunately ends but it’s important to stress that the benefits of participating in VISTA are many and long lasting. “After three rounds we are so much more confident in handling Impact and solving problems in different models,” says Ebin Paulose. “It is a opportunity to learn more about Volvo products. Our Qatar market is small and we have just started our dealership so it is exciting to participate in such a big competition.”

“For me, the VISTA experience has given me more confidence to perform my job easily and professionally as a Volvo Technician,” says Rob Casao. “We will still continue to work as a team!”

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