VISTA in Alicante

With its warm Mediterranean climate and close proximity to the Costa Blanca, Alicante has become synonymous with sizzling summer holidays. But as we discovered on a recent visit, it is also a hotbed of VISTA participants.

Provehima has been an authorized Volvo dealership for 35 years, and their workshop in Alicante, despite only having 25 employees, has five teams taking part in VISTA 2011. Provehima also have another three workshops in Spain, each of which has their own VISTA teams. Just before Round Three kicked off, we caught up with some of Provehima’s VISTA participants to get their thoughts on VISTA 2011.

Pedro S Penalau Zaragoza – Team Playa de Alicante
“This my second time in VISTA. The competition is similar to last time, with the same level of difficulty. But it still helps me to find information on Impact. It would be a big thing to make it to the semi finals – to know that I have the capacity to go further in this competition and in my own competence development. Travelling to another city and getting to know other Volvo people would also be exciting.

What I like most about VISTA is that it enables you to make it somewhere, to reach a goal, and to be one of the best in the world. It has also been great for teamwork and it’s powerful to be part of a team. Everyone in our team is equal, no leaders, and all decisions taken by the team.”

Victor Jose Millau Cabrol – Team Mecalicante
“This is my second time in VISTA. In 2009 I was in a team called ‘Supermarios’. I’ve already learnt a lot in the first two rounds, and the experience from the competition makes it easier to do my job. A new team also gives you new friends with other experiences and competencies. Having a vision of where you want to be is important if you want to be a good VISTA team. You have to have the desire to win. You must want to be the best. Everyone in the team should be contributing, and no leaders should be taking over.

Making it to the semi finals would be a great achievement. To be in the front, to be first, would not only bring lots of personal satisfaction but would be a victory for the whole team. Taking part in VISTA is not hard but you get a lot of knowledge and it helps you perform better at work. Getting involved benefits both yourself and the company.”

Jose Ignacio Ruiz Pastor – Team Volvista
“This is my second VISTA competition. I’m only 26 years old so I’m one of the youngest taking part. I’ve had good impressions so far. I like to compete and to raise the tempo between the teams. We’re often teasing each other and comparing results. We have bets where the looser has to buy a beer – I like that!

VISTA has given me a better instinct for Volvo’s software and I’ve learnt how to use them better. The first round was hard, but now we’re doing better after the second round.

I haven’t learnt anything more concrete than that but I’m practicing what I already know. Issues with the trucks come up every day and now I’m competent enough to solve them. I’m a younger mechanics and VISTA is a good way for Management to make sure that young and new employees learn and develop in the company. I often get questions from colleagues about how to find a solution or a reference in Impact. I now think Impact is easy to use and I enjoy fulfilling my job.”

Jose Leive Gonzalez and Antonio Salar Garcia – Team Bafana-Bafana
“VISTA is tool for every employee to improve competence development and perform better with the Volvo truck brand. It helps you to be able to answer all the questions that are popping up all the time at work. You learn how other departments work, about their tools and systems, for example spare parts.

Working together as a team, we are like family, almost like brothers. We are now good friends outside of work and we socialize privately. We play tennis and football together. It is very important to be democratic in decision taking when competing in VISTA. Everybody has to have a voice, must be able to listen to everyone and take important decisions together.

We would recommend VISTA because it improves your job, improves your competence, helps you to work as a team, and learn how to work together towards world-class results. The combination of VISTA training and friendly rivalries between teams is also healthy.”

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