VISTA Round Two – The Numbers

With Round Three commencing next week, now is the perfect time to look over the results and statistics for VISTA 2011 so far. We know 3740 teams registered last September, but how many continue to soldier on and how many have buckled? How many teams have scored maximum points? What have been the best performing regions?

Globally 3417 teams completed Round Two, meaning that the drop out rate remains impressively low. Of the 3740 teams who initially registered for the competition, 3557 completed Round One for a dropout rate of only 5%. With 3417 teams in Round Two, the drop-out was only 4%. Most incredibly, the ATO region didn’t record a single drop out after Round One, with all 565 teams going on to complete Round Two.
It is estimated that Rounds One and Two have produced around 250,000 hours of extra training.

Level of difficulty
Round Two was supposed to be harder than Round One, yet a noticeably higher percentage of correct answers would suggest many found it easier. In Round One, 68% of answers submitted were correct but in Round Two it rose to 76%. The number of teams scoring maximum points also increased substantially, from 22 teams in Round One, to 75 teams in Round Two.

Best-performing regions and markets
The best performing region in Round One was Benelux with 78% correct answers, followed by Russia and East Europe. In Round Two the best-performing region was East Europe with 84%, followed by Russia on 83% and the Nordic region on 82%.

The most improved regions between Round One and Two were VBC (Volvo Bus Corporation, USA/Canada), NAME (North Africa, Middle East), ATO (Asia) and Central East Europe, all of whom recorded a rise in correct answers of 10% or more. In fact all markets recorded an improvement from Round One, with the only exception being Australia/New Zealand whose percentage for correct answered remained the same.

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