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If Iceland is anything to go by, than the size or geographical location have no barriers to being a successful VISTA team. Despite only having three teams, and not having access to the training and support services available in larger markets, Iceland’s VISTA teams have one of the highest average scores in the whole competition.

Iceland’s three teams, Add Blues, Kumlin and Er ekki 2007, have collectively recorded an average score of 26 over all three rounds. In Sweden, a country with a larger service network and greater training resources, the average score is 22.

Add Blues, a team of four from the Volvo Trucks authorized dealership Brimborg, were recently crowned Icelandic champions, having gotten only four incorrect answers in the whole competition. At the end of the month they’ll represent Iceland in the Nordic semi final in Verona, Italy.

“Making it to the semi final is important for us because we get a chance to compare our skills with the best from the Nordic countries,” says Jón Bjarni Snorrason, service manager at Brimborg. “Not only that, it is also exciting to meet other people from the aftermarket, and experience new things. It is fun and social.”

In acknowledgement of their superb efforts, Iceland’s other two teams, Kumlin and Er ekki 2007, will also be rewarded with special prizes as well as the VISTA jackets that go to all teams who complete all three rounds.

This is not the first time an Icelandic team has qualified for the semi finals, but Jón Bjarni Snorrason is confident that his team Add Blues is better prepared than in previous years. “Out of 20 teams, the best of the Nordic countries, we came 13th in VISTA 2007 and 11th in 2009. But VISTA 2011 is different because the number of right answers in the first three rounds is higher than before.”

Jón and his teammates – Sigursveinn Eggertsson, parts; Arnar Guttormsson, key technician and Guðni Svavarsson, workshop foreman; can already be proud of their success, and the other Nordic semi finalists can expect some stiff competition in Verona.

“What makes a good VISTA team is commitment to the subject, effort and self confidence. If one has that, it can lead to success,” says Jón. “Constant usage of VTC support systems for the aftermarket in your every day work, and searching for knowledge to understand things and how to do things, are very important on the path to success. The VISTA competition makes participants take that path if they want to succeed. Early on, I learned that this path could get me far.”

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