TRABUS becomes first Mexican team in VISTA semi-finals.

VISTA 2011 has not only seen the highest participation in any VISTA competition since its inception in 1957, but it has also seen the competition expand into a host of new countries, one of which is Mexico.

“15 teams entered the third round. Everyone wanted to be the first ever VISTA champion in Mexico, and go to Curibita for the semi final,” says Adrian Vazques, Mexico’s first ever VISTA leader. “The winning team will be the best in Mexico, which is very important to a lot of dealerships, as it is something they can boast to their customers.”

With the final results from Round Three now released, that honour goes to team TRABUS, from Guadalajara, who have been leading for most of the competition, and will now go to the semi-finals in Brazil.

“I’ve found it to be a very good competition,” says TRABUS team member Luis Alberto Diaz. “We have never worked closely with trucks but we had no problems with the questions. In fact I’ve learnt many new things about trucks.”

For a growing market such as Mexico, the extra training and education will be the biggest gain from taking part in VISTA. “Our level of technical ability needs to be at a higher level, and VISTA is an opportunity to improve in this area,” says Adrian, who has already seen the benefits first hand. “Some people I spoke to recently said that after VISTA they now know things about Volvo Trucks that they never knew or even heard about before.”

VISTA 2011 is the first VISTA competition Mexico has participating in, but so successful it has been that one can almost guarantee it won’t be the last. “VISTA requires teams to study and get information, and this information is training they need for their job,” continues Adrian. “I’ve been working for Volvo for 14 years but this is my first time involved in VISTA. It has been very interesting and an exciting experience. It is an excellent program and a great opportunity for training.”

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