Don’t mess with the DeF

DeF Nightshift from Winnipeg, Canada will be the first North American team ever to take part in the VISTA world final after successfully winning the North American final in Greensboro, USA last week.

The competition originally started with 120 Volvo Trucks teams and 74 Mack Trucks teams, which was narrowed down to six finalists: three from Volvo Trucks and three from Mack Trucks. Each had to complete three workstations: one hands-on workshop task, one warranty stations and one Impact station.

DeF Nightshift has three members: Dan Teleglow, Dennis Baehnk and Chris Dunn, all from the Beaver Truck Centre in Winnipeg. All three are VISTA veterans, and actually won the North American VISTA final in 2007. In 2009, each competed in separate teams, but reunited for 2011, which has proven once again to be a winning combination.
Throughout the competition, DeF Nightshift’s strength has been their teamwork and intuitive understanding of one another. “We work together all the time and sometimes cooperate without any words,” says Dan Teleglow. “For example, we might have in our heads what tools we will need when doing a specific operation, but when we go to get the tools Chris has already picked them up and has them ready to use.”

An unofficial fourth member has also helped them: the team’s mascot Lucky Beaver, who never left their side throughout the whole competition. True to his name, he brought plenty of luck throughout their time in Greensboro, as the DeF Nightshift took on some of the best truck technicians on the whole North American continent. On hearing the announcement that they had won and would be going to the world final, the team needed a few moments to compose themselves. “To go to the world final is extremely amazing,” said Dennis Baehnk, in between deep breaths as he tried to calm his nerves.

Volvo Trucks North America has been holding their own VISTA competition since 1995, and started a similar competition for Mack Trucks in 2009. However this is the first time that the North American winner has been rewarded with a place in the world final. DeF Nightshift and Lucky Beaver are coming to Gothenburg.

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