Latin America semi final – report

Three more teams have now qualified for the VISTA 2011 world final after another highly successful semi final in Latin America. Last week 21 teams from ten different countries met in Curitiba, Brazil, each hoping to earn a place in the world final.

The competition got off to a spectacular start with an introduction to Brazilian music, which included participants being taught some basic dance moves and how to use some local instruments. Participants started in little groups before combining their new musical talents together. It wasn’t long before a miniature carnivale broke out, creating a positive vibe that would last for the whole event.

However the next day the competition had to begin, with all teams working hard to clinch their place in Gothenburg. Three spots in the world final were up for grabs: one for the highest placed Brazilian team, one for the highest placed team from the other Latin American countries, and one place for the highest place Volvo Bus team visiting from Mexico and North America. Over the day, teams rushed against the clock to complete their tasks on time, before retiring in the evening for a formal dinner and to find out who were the lucky winners were.

Team Shalom from Dicave Araquari, were awarded the spot for the best Brazilian team. The Dealer Plant from Santiago, Chile will be joining them after finishing highest amongst all the teams from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. And finally Team Trabus from Mexico overcome their opponents from the US to claim their spot in the world final in what is Mexico’s first VISTA competition ever.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with Volvo personal from all over the continent making new friends and enjoying an incredible few days. For teams Shalom, The Dealer Plant, and Trabus, the journey continues and they can look forward to another incredible week in Sweden this summer.

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