Of the thirty teams who will be coming to Gothenburg this June, few are better prepared than Italy’s Castellancortesegrapiglia. 2011 will be their second world final, having qualified in 2007, and one team member even has thirty years experience taking part in VISTA.

Castellancortesegrapiglia, whose name derives from the surnames of each team member, work for Bassano Diesel in North-east Italy. The four members are Stefano Castellan, key technician and electrician; Domenico Cortese, key technician and specialist in pneumatic systems; Denis Grapiglia, repair and VAS technician; and Christian Cortese, customer services representative.

Together the four have taken part in three VISTA competitions, but individually each has a long history in the competition. Domenico has taken part since 1981, while Stefano since 1995. However since merging together, they’ve proven to be a formidable team. They’ve qualified for the semi finals in 2007, 2009 and 2011, and now qualified for the world final twice.
“The key to being successful is working as a team, and being able to discuss the challenges both in the workshop and during the competition,” says Domenico. “Our main strength is our passion and will power, and our desire to grow and learn. We do not give up looking until we find the right solution.”

Like all world finalists, Castellancortesegrapiglia have faced still competition to reach this far. 83 of Italy’s 99 workshops have taken part in VISTA 2011, forming 145 teams with 528 participants. Only five teams qualified for the Italy semi final, which was held in Verona last August, and it was only after finishing first that Castellancortesegrapiglia were able to claim Italy’s spot in the world final.
“Our aim is to finish in the top five,” says Stefano. “But we also believe we can be world champions.”

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