Lambung Mangkurat, Indonesia

In 2011 VISTA grew rapidly in the Asian region, with 565 teams taking part. Most remarkably, just about every team went on to complete all three theoretical rounds with almost zero dropouts. The competition standards have never been higher, making Lambung Mangkurat’s achievements all the more impressive.

Last April, the ATO VISTA semi final was held in Sydney, Australia and Indonesia’s Lambung Mangkurat finished first to become Asian champions. They will now be coming to Gothenburg at the end of the month to compete in the world final.
“The power of teamwork is our main strength,” says Cahyono. “VISTA is all about quality and team work, learning how to communicating effectively and build trust amongst each other.”

Lambung Mangkurat come from the port city of Balikpapan on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Their members include Imam Wahyudi, Technician; Cahyono, Technical Support; Agam Nusa Perdana, Apprentice; and Suparman, Parts.

Cahyono is the most experienced member when it comes to VISTA having participated in the semi finals in 2007 and 2009. However the other three have never gone further than the first three qualifying rounds. This year after the theoretical rounds, they were the highest ranked team in Indonesia with a score of 80, earning themselves a spot in the ATO semi final. Ten other teams from India, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Japan, joined them in the semi final in Sydney. Once again Lambung Mangkurat obtained the highest score from judges to be crowned Asian champions. Along with second-placed E-Pro from Korea, they will represent the ATO region in the world final.
“We have gained experience, developed our confidence, and now enjoy the significance of being an important part of the Volvo team,” says Cahyono. “VISTA motivates us to grow, enhance leadership skills, and challenges us mentally. It also allows us to travel to and meet the best aftermarket personnel in the world.”

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