The final word

The 2011 VISTA world final includes a number of teams who have taken part in a world final before, including defending champions Team Impact from Austria. However most teams that are attending have qualified for the first time and will arriving in Gothenburg not really knowing what to expect. We ask some of the teams what they’ve learnt from VISTA so far and what their expectations are for the final.

Avesta Cruising Club
Avesta, Sweden

Avesta Cruising Club adopted their name as three of their members are big fans of cruising. The fourth prefers drag racing. They’ve taken part in VISTA before however it was only when their friends in Västerås decided to take part too that they started taking it so seriously.

“What we are learning from VISTA is that when you looking for answers, you find many answers that you need in your ordinary work as well. At the world final we expect an interesting time, meet new friends and have a big adventure. Being a Swedish team in Sweden doesn’t give us any advantages since all competitors are using the same settings on the computer.”

Automobilia and Cars NV
Zarren-Kortemark, Belgium

Most members of Automobilia and Cars NV have taken part in VISTA before however 2011 was the first time they reached the semi final, let alone the world final.

“We think it’s already an achievement to reach the final, for us personally and for our dealership. We are looking forward to seeing how we are placed in the world, compared with teams from foreign countries. We are also looking forward to whatever activities are planned for us in Sweden, after we finish the competition. Up until the final, we really don’t know what the best preparation is, but we will do what we always do while we work, and we think that this could be the best preparation.”

Gwangju, Korea

E-Pro, short of Electric Professionals, has taken part in three VISTA competitions. In 2007 they finished second in Korea, and third in 2009, however this was the first time they reached the semi finals and world final.

“We have learnt how to get lots of information from various areas, which has also been helpful in our workshop. We have also enjoyed meeting people from other countries and cultures. In the final we will need to use our ability to utilise lots of information and our good communication skills. Whenever we receive new information, we have a meeting and study it. We will try our best in each workshop.”

FB One
Budapest, Hungary

FB One has taken part in VISTA since 2001, but this was the first time they reached the semi finals.

“We have learnt from VISTA that we have to use the Impact system precisely, have to pay attention to the details, and we can be more effective if we work together. The semi-final in Italy was well organised, the tasks were unambiguous, and we liked the programmes. We are looking forward to the competition, the programmes and meeting people from other countries. In the meantime we have taken the time to do last years´ exercises as practice for the world final, and our trainer has also made some exercises for us.”

Montornes, Spain

Montornes13 reached the last three semi finals: Madrid in 2007, Paris in 2009 and Verona in 2011. However this is the first time they’ve reached the world final.

“It’s an award for us to be in the final but we also expect to do our best. Otherwise we are going to enjoy ourselves, remain calm, do our tasks and then results will come along. We are training with daily activities in the workshop, because real cases are the best way to learn. Apart from that we have more communication and we use all available tools. Once a week, we debate mistakes we may make and we look for solutions that we will be able to use in the VISTA final.”

Viru Valge
Tallin, Estonia

Viru Valge is the first Estonian team to ever qualify for the world final. They’ve reached the semi finals in 2007 and 2009, but narrowly missed out on the world final in 2009 when they finished fourth. This year, they went one better in the Central East semi final to clinch their ticket to Gothenburg.

“I think that the success of our team comes down to our experience. We all have worked for Volvo for almost ten years and over time we have all become good specialists. From VISTA competitions we have learnt cooperation and teamwork especially. Our team’s goal is to finish among the best teams in final. This going to be hard, but lets see.”

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