Veskum Poppoo, Finland

Veskun Poppoo, from the small Finnish city of Kuopio, have participated in a number of VISTA competitions before but this is the first time they’ve gone further than the first three rounds. “We have been taking part in VISTA every time it has been possible to attend, but not one of us have even reached the semi finals before, let alone the final,” says Ari Savolainen, team leader of Veskun Poppoo.

But this year they not only reached the Nordic semi final in Verona, Italy, but went on to be one of four Nordic teams to qualify for the world final. “Our team’s success is based on the fact that the members represent different workshop areas,” says Ari. “Combined we have a strong sense of togetherness, and we are very relaxed and comfortable around one another. Through VISTA we have become familiar with Volvo matters and the Volvo way of working.”

Veskun Poppoo consists of four members: Ari, Workshop Supervisor and team leader; Vesa Heikkinen, Parts Operational Staff; Jani Karjalainen, Technician; and Tapio Ruotsalainen, Key Technician. “We’re trying to stay relaxed while waiting for the world final so there isn’t too much tension or nerves,” says Ari. “Nevertheless, we’re really looking to the competition day and the build up of tension before the prize ceremony.”

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