Round One Over!

At midnight last Sunday night Round One of VISTA 2011 was officially closed. All teams had been given exactly two weeks to complete 30 theoretical questions. Over the next month teams will gradually find out their results and where they stand in their respective competitions.

Marcus Hällström, VISTA Leader for Finland, was extremely happy with how Round One progressed. “We had 101 teams registered for VISTA 2011 and only two have dropped out,” he says. “The other 99 teams submitted their answers and are now waiting for Round Two.”

This was the first of three rounds of theoretical questions, with each round getting progressively more challenging. “It should have been quite easy because it is the first round,” says Hällström. “But then again I know of only one team that have gotten all thirty questions correct so it can’t have been too easy either.”

The answers will be released on Friday, and teams have the possibility to lodge protests and dispute answers, however Marcus Hällström does not anticipate any serious problems. “I haven’t received any feedback yet but overall I think Round One went very well,” he says. “There was only one question where the meaning was not 100% clear in Finnish, but the other 29 questions were straight forward.
“We have a lot of enthusiasts who put a lot of time into VISTA and have been in many competitions. They are often wary of trick questions so I often hear from them, as they want to clarify the exact wording. But this is normal and we always get this with the best teams.”

With Round One over teams can now start preparing for Round Two, which will run from 15th – 28th November.

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