1100 participants already registered

It’s been less than a fortnight since registrations opened, and already over 1100 participants, making up over 400 teams, have signed up.

To date the most enthusiastic markets have been Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), France, and most surprisingly given the size of their market, Southern Africa.

The very first team to register was Team Odense 1 from Autohuset Vestergaard in Denmark, who signed up on the morning of 1 July.

Attracting so many registrations so early in the competition is proof that VISTA continues to interest employees across the globe, and the 2012-2013 edition is set to be another hugely popular event. At this rate, organizers are on track to reach their target of 14,000 participants. VISTA 2011 attracted over 13,700 participants from 75 different countries.

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