Kjell Helmer, from Sweden, is a Key Bus Technician with the team Bonnraggarna, who reached the world final of VISTA in 2011.

What did you learn from competing in VISTA?
“How to work in a team, but also independently on my own since every team member has his or her own tasks to complete. Otherwise, there would not be enough time.”

What should you think about before entering?
“Finding a committed team. Once in the competition, you are relying on pure experience.”

What’s the biggest challenge?
“Getting to the next round! The time goes much more quickly than normal and you have to watch the clock.”

What’s the most enjoyable aspect?
“Getting to the final, which we had not expected. You really have to be alert during the different stages and do things the Volvo way.”

Would you recommend VISTA to others?
“Definitely. You become familiar with Volvo’s Impact and Techtool systems, and this is useful later in the job situation.”

Will you be entering this year?
“Yes, we intend to be there, possibly with a new team member.”

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