Behind the new VISTA logo

VISTA 2012-2013 has seen a number of new changes take place from previous competitions, but the most noticeable has been the new logo. Nigel Atterbury, Senior Graphic Designer at Volvo Product Design, explains the ideas and thoughts behind it.

What was your intention behind the new design?
To sum it up briefly, the design inspiration evolved from the wish to create a recognisable, positive and welcoming image. I wanted it to represent the journey the participants take through the VISTA competition, and from all corners of the world to get to Gothenburg.

Can you talk us through the features?
I started by playing around with the word ‘vista’, which is Spanish for view, and that inspired me to design a logo that looks like a view of a landscape.
The road is appropriate because that’s essentially what a technician’s job is all about – whether it’s trucks or buses, it’s about keeping vehicles on the road. You’ll also notice that the road heads off into the horizon, with no final destination. VISTA’s strong point is that it’s a journey. It is a year long process, where regardless of the outcome, participants inevitably learn and develop, and so really the journey is far more important that the destination.
The overall basic shape of the logo is meant to look like a medal, but it can also resemble a road sign. Then finally, the execution of the graphic is styled in typical Volvo design language – clear and simple.

Why was the logo changed?
The last logo was caused some confusion, as it was not always clear it was a spanner. The small details on the globe didn’t work well either when it was reprinted small. I wanted to create something simpler and with less detail.
Volvo has a philosophy of simple, honest design. Not unlike the images you find on a dashboard –clear and simple, and easily understandable.

What do you think of the final result?
I’m very happy with. It’s completely different from the old logo, it’s clean and simple, and it works.

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