VISTA 2012-2013: Round Two Frequently Asked Questions

Round Two of VISTA 2012-2013 kicks off this Monday. As with Round One, all teams will be able to access the questions from midnight on Sunday night, and will have exactly three weeks to submit their answers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions encountered by the VISTA Development Team, which may be worth reading to help clarify any uncertainties. Are there bonus points for submitting answers earlier?
No, there are no time bonuses. All that matters is that you submit your answers before the deadline, but there is no advantage to submitting a week earlier. If you and your team have any spare time, use it to double-check your answers, because once you submit, you cannot make any changes.

Where can the answers be found?
As stated in VISTA rule 2.7.1. Theoretical rounds – the competition starts with three qualifying rounds of theoretical questions referring to Volvo information sources. This includes Impact, Field Service Tips, Bus Service Tips, Warranty Binder, VBC Remote etc., as well as Volvo branding or basic knowledge.

It’s important to stress that these are theoretical questions, and you’re being tested on your ability to find information as much as anything else. Even if you think you know the answer, it is often worthwhile double-checking in the relevant information system.

In multiple-choice questions, where more than one alternative is correct, is it good enough to select only one correct answer to earn a point?
Often there will be more than one correct answer, and earning a point will require you to select them all.

No, multi-choice question with more than one correct answer need to have all correct alternatives selected in order to earn a point.

If one of my answers was judged as wrong but I’m sure it is correct, where can I go for an explanation?
The VISTA Development Team spends a lot of time developing questions and we are very careful when formulating answers, so we can assure you that a full and detailed explanation for every correct answer does exist. Our advice would be to contact your VISTA leader, who can provide more in depth explanations regarding particular questions.

How do we find out our team ranking?
The VISTA Development Team does not publish the ranking lists centrally. They are done so regionally, by each region’s VISTA leader. It is up each individual region leader whether they want to publish the ranking list or not, and if so, when.

Round One was extended by an extra two days. Is that likely to happen again in Round Two?
Unfortunately Round One had to be extended due to unforeseen system downfall. If any other unforeseen events were to occur, which we felt disadvantaged VISTA teams, we will consider an extension, however we do not anticipate such an event reoccurring and expect Round Two to close at midnight on 25th November.

What if I’m dissatisfied with my result in Round One, why should I continue with the competition?
First of all, it’s only the first round so you still have a chance to win. Secondly, participating also offers plenty of other benefits including great learning potential and development. There are incentives and rewards for all teams who complete all three rounds.

Furthermore, the number of spots allocated in the world final for each region is based on how many teams from that region concluded all three rounds in 2011, regardless of points. So don’t give up, and fight for your market’s consolidated result.

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