Round Two – summary

With Round Two of VISTA 2012-2013 now well and truly over, it can be confirmed that participation remains high, setting the scene for a thrilling final round in January.

In some markets, the participation rate is exceptionally high, most notably in Asia and Russia where less than one percent of teams have dropped out. Overall, across both rounds, only six percent of the teams who originally registered have dropped out of the competition. The low dropout rates suggest participants are enjoying the competition and finding it worthwhile.

“I really enjoyed it so far – getting together with my colleagues and working the answers out,” claims Phill Warrington, from the team No Fault, who is taking part in VISTA for the first time despite working for Volvo for over eight years. No Fault is one of four teams from the Trafford Park depo in Manchester, UK, who have a healthy rivalry as the competition progresses. “The questions have been 50/50. I wouldn’t say easy but achievable, and some answers took some time to find, but between all of us in the team we found them. I have learnt some new things about Impact and find that it’s helping in my every day work.”

In Turkey, team VISTANBUL, from the Orhanli workshop, are also taking part for the first time. “The first round questions were like a warm-up lap. In the second round, the questions looked easy but included some hidden details,” claim the four team-members. “When we’re striving to find the right answers, we’re using the Truck Portal applications, which we don’t normally use. It also helps us when the VISTA Development Team publishes the correct answers, and we can compare. The questions offer a fresh challenge and break from our daily work routines, which motivates us to become more successful.”

Even the more experienced teams, who have competed in multiple competitions, are continuing to learn new things in VISTA 2012-2013. Team UAV Gaia from Portugal, who reached the semi finals in 2009 and 2011, have come to see VISTA as an essential training tool: “In all rounds of all VISTA editions, we learn something new – that is the greatest asset of this competition. In our case, questions related with stocks management and order procedures in parts, were the main lessons.”

The third and final round of VISTA 2012-2013 opens on 14 January. Expect the questions will be even more challenging but just as the difficulty level will increase, so will the learning potential.

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