VISTA Asia awards Hero certificates for Round One

VISTA isn’t about winning and losing – it’s about teamwork, training and development. To reflect this, Volvo Group Truck Sales & Marketing APAC is awarding Hero Certificates to teams that best exemplify these values. Here are Round One’s Heroes.

The Hero Champions:
Korba Fighting Tigers – India

Korba Fighting Tigers (pictured) has been selected because they have showed exemplary teamwork, with good encouragement from their Team Leader. When in doubt, they’ve approached problems in a practical way, which has also made them rely on physical checking rather than visual observation.

They have also worked with energy and passion. Since they are unable to meet on a day-to-day basis, they’ve made it a point to discuss questions during their weekends. They have rightfully displayed all qualities of VISTA such as teamwork, quality and training, energy and passion, and respect for the individual.

1st Runner Up
SURIGAO 1- Philippines

Surigao 1 has been selected because of their resourcefulness, dedication and passion towards VISTA. The three members are assigned to different mining sites, which has been a big challenge for them in terms of communication. Yet they’ve managed to submit answers by sending responses and comments through SMS and phone calls to their Team Leader. It is also notable that this is their first time taking part in VISTA.

2nd Runner Up
Discovery – Malaysia

Discovery has been selected because of their outstanding motivation. The members in this team were constantly away working offsite but they still managed to get together as a team to work on VISTA, and managed to submit their answers for Round One. Their high motivation to try to find the correct answers and their respect for individuals, were highly valued.

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