VISTA 2012-2013: Round Three closes

At midnight last Tuesday night, the third and final round of VISTA 2012-2013 came to a close, with nearly 4000 teams from across the globe successfully completing all three rounds. However the competition is far from over, with semifinals taking place in April.

When registrations for VISTA 2012-2013 closed last September, over 16,000 participants forming 4396 teams had signed up, making this the biggest VISTA in the competition’s 55-year history. While some dropouts were inevitable, participation remained at record levels for each of the three rounds, and final round was no exception.

3953 teams completed Round Three, compared to 3276 in 2011. In some regions dropouts were exceptionally low, most notably in Russia and Asia where dropouts were less than two percent, and in Latin America where the dropout rate was only 3.6 percent.

“I’d like to congratulate all teams who persisted and completed all three rounds,” says Johanna Lundberg, VISTA project manager. “VISTA isn’t about the final score – it’s about participation, development and team building. Finishing all three rounds is in itself an achievement considering the extra time and efforts participants need to put in on top of their daily work commitments, so everyone should be very proud.”

With each round of theoretical questions becoming progressively harder, the third round was designed to be the most challenging yet. Accordingly average scores were lower compared to Rounds

One and Two. However results were still relatively high with the percentage of correct answers at over 70 percent, and over 150 teams achieving a perfect 30 points.

For most teams, the competition is now over, however a lucky few can now look forward to the semi finals. Between 3-24 April, seventeen semi finals will take place, spread over Madrid, Curitiba, Sydney and Greensboro, and will involve over 180 teams. From these finals, 32 teams will win a spot in the World Final, held in Gothenburg in June.

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