Madrid prepares for VISTA semi finals

After a lot of planning and hard work, the technical trainers at the Volvo Training Center in Madrid, Spain, are ready to host eight VISTA semi finals between 3-19 April.

In preparation, the Volvo Trucks & Buses Training Center in Valdemoro, south of Madrid, is being transformed into a competition venue. Workstations are being set up and equipped with all the necessary tools and components, as well as being decorated with Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses VISTA banners and posters.

“Right now, we’re moving a lot of engines and components out of the training centre to help make some space, and bringing in the necessary resources and tools for the competition” says Javier Barrera, Technical Trainer for Volvo Spain, and organiser for the VISTA semi finals. “We started planning this over a year ago, but as we get closer, it takes up more of my time Right now, 90 percent of my day is focused on VISTA.”

Over the two-week period, approximately 800 people from all over the world will visit the Valdemoro training center at some point. The majority will be competitors, however this will also include Volvo Trucks’ staff, trade journalists and other VIP guests. Apart from setting up a competition venue, visitors will also need will need accommodation, meals and transport during their stay in Madrid. Other activities planned include team building events and special excursions – all of which will be organised by Javier and his team.

“The hardest part has been dealing with all the registrations and administration,” he says. “This has taken a lot of time. We need to support teams with the registration process, which can be complicated because of the language barrier. We’ve also had to organise visas for many visitors. There have been problems but we’ve managed to solve them all. My colleague Mabel Pérez did a very good job.”

The first semi final starts on 3 April, with teams from France, Italy and Spain. For organisers, it will be their first big test, but Javier Barrera isn’t too worried. “Everything is just about ready and I think the semi finals will be a big success,” he adds. “We will have visitors from all over the world, so it will be very interesting, and when it’s all over, it will be very satisfying.”

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