APAC semi finals see last six teams qualify for world final

After a tough APAC final, the last semi final for VISTA 2012-2013, six more teams have qualified for the world final, where they will compete alongside the best workshop personnel from all around the world.

Two semi finals were held in Sydney, Australia, on April 22-24. The first involved 13 teams from Asia, while the second involved six from Australia and New Zealand. Once again, the competition was close with all teams highly motivated to reach the world final. In the end, six teams qualified, including two teams from Indonesia, and teams from Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand.

For the APAC region, the successful final in Sydney completes what has been a very successful VISTA campaign. Throughout the competition, participation has been at a record high while dropouts have been less than two percent – lower than any other region.

Results – teams qualified for world final:
Elnath, Indonesia (Eka Dharma Jaya Sakti)
Acamar, Indonesia (Eka Dharma Jaya Sakti )
Benecia, Korea (Dongtan, Volvo Truck Center)
Mancheswar United, India (VSPC BHUBANESHWAR)
Team 1, Australia (VCV Sydney, Chullora)
Work in Progress, New Zealand (Truck Stops – Whangarei)

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