Semi finals begin in Madrid

Yesterday, 3rd April, the first of eight semi finals in Madrid kicked off, with teams from Spain, France and Italy competing for spots in the world final. The winners will be announced tonight at an award dinner.

In total 15 teams, five from each of Spain, France and Italy, took part. Each team was given five tests, both theoretical and practical, and a limit of 30 minutes to complete each one. The maximum score is 20 points per test.

The tension and nerves could be felt in the atmosphere, but for competitors concentration and teamwork are essential in VISTA. Some teams divided into different assignments, others decide to do everything as a group.

“The task seemed complicated because we lacked time,” claimed Volmec Castegnato, a VISTA team from Italy. “We also felt nervous as this is the first time we have been in the semi-finals, and it is all new to us.”

Overall, reactions to the competition were mixed, but no one will really know how they’ve performed until the results are released. “Seemed easy, but then there may be surprises,” claimed 4 de 4, a VISTA from Valencia, soon after completing one of their tests.

“They have to be able to identity problems and solve them because they have to be able to do repairs anywhere in the world,” says Javier Barrera, Competition Manager for Volvo Spain. “But VISTA is not only an award – it is also an opportunity to travel.”

Once the competition ended, participants were clearly more relaxed, and can now look forward to an award dinner tonight, where they’ll learn which teams will be going to Gothenburg this June for the World Final.

“Everyone should be proud, they are all winners,” says Torbjörn Paulsson, a member of the VISTA Development team in Madrid.

Madrid semi final receives coverage from external media (in Spanish):

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