Semi finals end – world finalists announced

With the remaining finals ending in Sydney last week, the semi final phase of VISTA 2012-2013 is now over, and the competition is down to just 32 teams who will travel to Gothenburg this June for the world final.

Overall, seventeen semi finals were held during April in Greensboro, Curitiba, Madrid and Sydney, involving approximately 180 teams. By all accounts, each was a huge success.

“All semi finals went really well,” says Jessica Lindholm, VISTA project manager. “All the hard work that went into the preparation really paid off. All the workstations operated as they should, and all participants were evaluated equally, making for a very successful competition. From all the semi finals in Madrid, Sydney, Curitiba and Greensboro, I’ve only received positive feedback.”

For each region, the VISTA semi final was not only an opportunity to witness their region’s best workshop technicians in action, but also an opportunity to network and meet new colleagues. Each final included a series of team building exercises and activities, as well as an award dinner.

“Personally I take away a lot of lifelong memories,” adds Jessica Lindholm, who attended all eight semi finals held in Madrid. “The whole world is represented in the VISTA World Championship and I got a very positive boost from seeing the differences in cultures and nationalities, as well as meeting lots of new people.”

Having started with 4472 teams, it’s now down to just the 32 teams who have now qualified for the world final, which will be held at Volvo’s headquarters in Gothenburg on 24-28 June.

Full list of teams for the VISTA 2012-2013 world final:
Babine Truck & Equipment (Canada)
VIP Spilamberto (Italy)
4 de 4 (Spain)
Monte Olivo (Spain)
VTC Reims 2 (France)
Equipe 2 (France)
Harju (Finland)
Kuusamon Wetteri (Finland)
Wetteri Power Oy (Finland)
Oneonetwo (Denmark)
NTC 1 (Switzerland)
Drei Und Einä (Switzerland)
Pevijola (Hungary)
Polgár1 (Hungary)
Belmagistralavtotrans #1 (Belarus)
Extreme (Ukraine)
Automobilia Ieper (Belgium)
De Fietsemakers (Netherlands)
A.L.E.R.T (South Africa)
MC Hammers (UK)
40 Pionerov (Russia)
RCB Techs (United Arab Emirates)
Los Cuatreros (Mexico)
B270F (Brazil)
VTT (Brazil)
Macasa Vision (Ecuador)
Elnath (Indonesia)
Acamar (Indonesia)
Mancheswar United (India)
Benecia (Korea)
Team 1 (Australia)
Work in Progress (New Zealand)

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