Gothenburg gets ready for VISTA 2012-2013 world final

Having started with more than 17,000 people in 4,471 teams from 93 countries, the competition for VISTA 2012-2013 is now down to just 32 teams – all of whom are now in Gothenburg this week for the world final.

In preparation for their arrival, the VISTA development team has been working hard to get everything ready in time. Their tasks include setting up a competition venue, organising an award ceremony, transportation and accommodation, and so much more.

“There is a lot to do – a lot more than you think,” says Jessica Lindholm project manager for VISTA, as she sorts out VISTA t-shirts for participants into different sizes. “We need to make sure we have the right sizes for everyone. It’s all the small details like this that make the difference, and VISTA is not your average competition.”

Over 300 people are expected to attend the actual world final competition today (25 June), including around 160 competitors and VISTA leaders, as well as an additional 100 guests. In preparation, the Volvo Training Centre in Arendal, Gothenburg, which is ordinary used for competence development and training, has been transformed into a competition venue. Workstations are being set-up, each with different tasks, which forms the core of the competition. With teams subjected to strict time limits at each station, it is absolutely crucial that everything works.

“We are putting a lot of time into the work stations, and making sure all work station managers are well prepared,” says Jessica Lindholm. “It’s important that they all know how to evaluate each team so that scoring is fair and consistent for all teams.”

But apart from the competition itself, there is also all the logistical work involved in hosting so many people from all over the world. Transportation, accommodation and meals need to be arranged. Tomorrow night, 26 June, there will also be a gala award ceremony, where the winners will be announced. On top of this, competitors will also be treated to team building activities and other excursions.

“I’m looking forward to the competition a lot!,” says Jessica Lindholm. “It will be fun to meet all the competitors. There will be such a mix of different cultures and personalities. I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves, but I’m confident everything will be fine. Together the VISTA development team and all our other skilled colleagues will organise a perfect world final.”

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