Champions Team Harju ready to go again in VISTA 2015-2016

As preparations for the forthcoming VISTA competition continue, we asked the team that won the previous competition, Team Harju from Tampere in Finland, about their experiences since securing the title back in June 2013.

How has participating in the competition (and winning) improved your business?
“I don’t know if our title has had a direct effect on our business, but after our victory we’ve been very busy, waiting times short and sometimes we’ve had more work than we could do. I believe that VISTA has had a big role in developing our business and building the reputation of Tampere Truck Center delivering first class service for its customers.”

Do you think that ‘keeping the trophy an extra year’ made a difference to your business/team profile?
“Yes, the large trophy in our shop is still the subject of lots of questions! Our truck center’s reputation, at least in Finland, is mostly based on the experiences shared by satisfied truck drivers enjoying a cup of coffee at the local petrol station. Yet a satisfied customer is still the best advertisement. Naturally one poor customer experience will have a multiplied effect compared to one successful experience. A successful workshop doesn’t have the luxury of delivering poor service several times and that’s why the VISTA part of the training program plays a big role.”

What skills have you taken from competing in VISTA into the workplace?
“I believe that teamwork is the main skill. Cooperation between all members of the team is crucial. We are aware of each other’s strengths and complement each other well. Good communication in a workshop environment gets results and, knowing each other as we do, we are able to make this work positively for our truck center on an everyday basis.”

How was it to find yourselves ‘in the spotlight’ after winning?
“We’ve had several requests for interviews and naturally we’ve had wide coverage marketing wise in the form of several articles.“

Are you planning to take part again?
“This victory was the result of 10 years of hard work, dedication and competence development. As the team started to slowly knit together, the window for success opened. Now we’re in the situation when we have to consider motivation and schedule rather than success. If we take part then we’ll have to go all in, otherwise there’s no reason to take part. Hopefully we’re in!”

Are there any particular tips you could offer to teams planning to take part this time round?
“At this stage we can’t say too much more, but I can tell you that the team is the key.”


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