Finland flying the flag for VISTA success

The last VISTA competition in 2012-2013 generated many positive experiences for those who took part. Team Harju from Tampere in Finland won the title, yet they were not the only Finnish team who performed well in the final in Gothenburg.

The success of the Finnish teams last time out was particularly notable, with three teams competing in the final. Tommy Lindholm is Commercial Aftermarket Manager at Volvo Finland and Volvo Truck Center, and he believes that the outstanding performance of the Finnish teams can be attributed to Volvo personnel in the country making use of the various courses and e-learning tools provided. “We have seen good development here, with mechanics backing up their knowledge through the Volvo Trucks Academy e-learning courses. Each mechanic working here has an individual education plan that they are working through. Taking part in the VISTA competition is both a way to use the knowledge they are accumulating, and of further adding to their skills and experience.”

There are 13 Volvo Truck Centers and 18 independent workshops in Finland, and customer satisfaction is at a high level there, according to Tommy Lindholm. He also thinks that VISTA can play an important role in further improving workshop performance. “The VISTA competition is incredibly important for learning. You have the engineering staff who really use the Impact tool to seek out answers. At the same time they read a lot of other interesting service material. They are then able to find information faster when the customer needs help. Volvo Finland’s REX (Retail Excellence Survey) index in the aftermarket has gradually but consistently risen, as the workshops improve their levels of customer service. This is also a reason why VISTA is important.”

The success of the Finnish teams last time out speaks volumes for the competitive spirit and togetherness of those involved. Tommy Lindholm thinks that Finland’s strong showing could be set to continue in the forthcoming VISTA competition. “Team Harju winning the last event was obviously a big boost for us here. I’m sure that teams from Finland will be well-represented in the 2015-2016 event. VISTA is a great way for everyone competing to test themselves and each other.”

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