NTC in Switzerland fix their eyes on first prize

How would you say that participation in the competition (and coming 2nd) has affected your business?
The team ratio has improved significantly after the VISTA competition and also our working procedures are even better.

Has your approach to customer service changed as a result of competing in VISTA?
I think we have become better in our general work by being involved in VISTA, and this is reflected in the way we approach our customers.

What specific skills have you taken from competing in VISTA into the workplace?
Using the Impact tool has greatly improved our working methods. Being able to quickly and correctly diagnose faults has been a positive result.

What kind of memories do you have of taking part in the last competition?
Great teamwork, first and foremost! It was a really fun time, both in Madrid and Gothenburg. We greatly enjoyed ourselves and also learned a lot.

Are you planning to take part again?
Yes, our goal is to finally be Number One! We have been second in the last two finals, so we really want the top spot!

Are there any particular tips that you could offer teams planning to compete this time round?
The most important things are good team cooperation and sound knowledge of the Volvo Systems.

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