Hammer-time again for UK based team

The Essex-based MC Hammers team were delighted to finish in a very creditable 3rd place in 2012-2013. They are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming VISTA competition, which offers them the possibility to do even better than last time.

How would you say that participation in the competition has affected your business?
I do not think our business overall has been affected, but individually we have all changed our job roles for the better, which you could say taking part in VISTA over the last couple of years has help towards.

 Has your approach to customer service changed in any way as a result of competing in VISTA?
We were already very customer-focused, but VISTA has re-emphasised this for us.

What specific skills have you taken from competing in VISTA into the workplace?
Taking part in VISTA opens your eyes to all the different platforms of information available, to help you carry out your daily tasks. It also teaches you to work as a team and shows that you are stronger working together to solve problems.

What kind of memories do you have of taking part in the last competition?
We were very pleased and proud at coming 3rd in the world finals, but also disappointed at the same time that we didn’t win. We greatly enjoyed meeting and socialising with fellow competitors from around the world.

Are you planning to take part again?
Yes we are planning to take part this time, and are really looking forward to VISTA starting.

Are there any particular tips that you could offer teams planning to compete this time round?
It is very important to read the questions fully and understand them, then agree the actions as a team before acting.




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