Between hope and despair – the art of choosing a team name

It’s clear from looking through the long list of those registered for this year’s VISTA competition that teams have taken very different approaches when deciding what to call themselves.

Among a very international list, there are a number of humorous and eye-catching names. Some names reflect a sense of optimism, belief, confidence – and some don’t. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Persian Eagles (Iran)
Gentlemen of Fortune (Russia)
Pretty Sure (New Zealand)
HASTA la VISTA (Switzerland)
Team Hopeless (Sweden)
The Hope (China)
Goa Sharks (India)
Pandora (Korea)
Follow flow (Brazil)
Impossible is nothing (Chile)
Make it Happen (USA)

There are also several teams with names like ‘Champions’, ‘Winners’ and ‘Best team’. Such positivity contrasts nicely with two teams from the UK who have entered under the names ‘Norfolk in chance’ and ‘No eye deer’…….

Inspired? Have you got a fun name in mind for your team? Get registered and let us know all about it at our Facebook page.

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