VISTA 2015-2016 – The heat is on in race to register

The countdown continues. September 10th is a date circled in the diaries of VISTA participants. That is when Round One of the 2015-2016 competition will commence. Registration is ongoing with several markets setting an impressive pace. If you have not yet formed a team and registered here at the website, then the time to do so is now.

 At the time of writing, almost 11,800 participants from a total of 3,268 teams have registered to compete. Participants from Russia, India, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil, Peru, the Middle East and North West Africa have been particularly quick off the mark this time round.

Oleg Safronov is a Technical Training Manager and VISTA Market Leader in Russia. He has been involved in VISTA since 2008 and has overseen a different approach to promoting the competition this time round. “We communicate through trainers in various ways. In such a huge country as ours, it is obviously expensive to travel. We have representatives in different hubs and use online meetings with dealers to spread the message about the benefits of taking part.”

Over 1000 participants from Russia have already registered to compete in VISTA 2015-2016. This contrasts with the 350 who took part in the 2008-2009 competition. According to Oleg, communication technology has made it easier to raise awareness about the event. “This is the first time I have used conferencing to this effect. With private dealers we obviously need to find a way to communicate the competence development aspect and potential economic benefits involved. The interest from Russia is definitely more than anticipated at this stage.”

Jessica Lindholm is VISTA Global Project Manager and is impressed by the level of interest shown so far. “We are very pleased with the numbers registering. At the same time we are looking to attract even more interest from certain territories. Scandinavia, for example, is now doing well in the race to register, yet the challenge is on for them to do even better. This VISTA competition is shaping up to be the most exciting yet.”


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