5 new things about VISTA 2015-2016

As the excitement builds towards the opening round of VISTA 2015-2016 which begins next week, let’s take a look at 5 new things about the forthcoming competition.

  1. The 30 questions in the opening rounds are now selected from a total of 45 questions supplied by markets around the world. The previous number of questions was 40. This offers markets a greater possibility to contribute with questions on a bigger variety of topics.
  1. The United States of America will be competing for the first time in this year’s competition. Canada have sent a team to a previous VISTA competition, but teams from the US will very shortly be welcomed for the first time. Registration for North American teams opened on August 12th.
  1. Volvo Buses will now be fully integrated into the VISTA competition, having been part of their own segment of the competition in previous years.
  1. VISTA has an all-new website for the 2015-2016, with regularly updated news, profiles and features, as well as archive material from previous competitions. The site will also be complemented by updates on social media channels Facebook and Instagram.
  1. No shortcuts to success!’ That is the all-new tagline for the VISTA competition this time round. Our competing teams will soon find out exactly what it means…..
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