Customer care key in VISTA question choice

“Every question must have a worth to customers. To ensure that they receive top quality service remains the ultimate aim of the VISTA competition. It is central to what we are trying to do.”

VISTA 2015-2016 will soon be underway, with the opening round beginning in September. The competition, open to employees working with Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses, covers theoretical questions and practical exercises common to both concerns, and also specific to each.

Torbjörn Paulsson and Sylvain Divies are the VISTA Question Development Managers and, together with the rest of the VISTA Global Team, are responsible for deciding which questions make it into the competition’s three initial rounds, semi-final and final. According to them, the selection process is designed to encourage the sharing of expertise and to highlight new technological advancements. “We start by contacting our markets around the world.,” explains Torbjörn. “A document is initially sent out to our VISTA market leaders, who in turn distribute the material to workshops and dealerships in their respective zones. As a result, everyone working for Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses has the opportunity to submit questions for the competition.”

There is also a chance for Volvo personnel working internally in such areas as Technical Service and Parts etc. to get involved. Areas covered by the questions are Technical, Parts, Warranty, Administration, Commercial and Brand awareness. After the deadline for question submission has passed, the VISTA Global Team compile an initial list of 45 questions, which are subsequently edited down to 30. It is up to each market to choose the 30 questions depending on the local specifications of trucks and buses – for example regarding emission legislation. The original 45 questions are the same globally but each market/region can select questions that are relevant for their products.

While all suggestions are gratefully accepted, there is high security surrounding the questions when it comes to competition time. “When the competition portal opens, it should be the first time that those competing will have seen the questions,” adds Torbjörn. “Fairness is absolutely essential. To be honest, we have never had a problem in this respect.”

“Our goal is for every Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses dealership to get it ‘right first time’,” adds Sylvain. “Therefore all questions should have the end goal of further improving our customer service. The VISTA competition is a vital tool towards making this a reality.”

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