VISTA 2015-2015: What to expect from Round One

When Round One opens, a new link will appear on this site, which will be a clearly marked green button. Once logged-in to the site, users will be able to download all thirty questions in the round, and can begin answering questions immediately.

Some questions will be in the form of multiple choice, where teams will need to choose one or more options from a list of possible answers. Other questions will be free text, where teams will need to write out full answers. For as long as the round is open, any team member can add, change or review any of the answers. When the team is satisfied with all their final answers, they can select ‘submit answers’.

Once answers have been submitted, they cannot be changed, so review them carefully and make sure your whole team is in agreement first.

Round One will close at midnight on October 8th and answers will not be accepted if they have not been formally submitted.

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