Over 99 per cent completion rate in Asia-Pacific

The first round of VISTA 2015-2016 saw an impressive 99.4 per cent of registered teams take part in the Asia Oceania and Japan Sales regions.

When Round One concluded on 8th October, over 1,080 teams had successfully submitted their answers, which accounts for 99.4 per cent of teams registered. Many markets in the region, such as Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia and Thailand, even managed to achieve 100 per cent completion rates.

In fact the exceptionally high participation follows a general trend in the Asia-Pacific region, which has seen it grow to become the second largest region in the global competition. Compared to the last VISTA, registrations have increased by 49 per cent.

One of the key drivers behind this growth and high participation is the extremely vigorous efforts from VISTA market leaders, who have been working tireless to support, motivate and encourage all 1,080 teams.


Testimonials from Asia Pacific


Kalyan Kalpathy

“VISTA is a great opportunity to learn about new things related to the technical side of our products, as well as to Volvo systems & processes. It helps in honing team knowledge & know-how.”


Stephan Alveflo

“The main reason for participating is of course to learn but also to see how easy or tricky our systems and information is to work with. It’s extremely important that we participate in the competition but also to listen to the other participants in order to improve for the future.”


Imelda Sitorus:

“Learning about the other side of the business is always a great experience for me. I spend most of the time on vehicle sales only. Most of the questions asked are not within my area of expertise, but joining VISTA pushes me to not only talk to people who are experts in this area but also to find relevant information from any websites or documents. This is how I can improve myself to understand the complete business.”


Leo D’Cruz

VISTA is a platform for the workshop professionals to stand out among the thousands in a similar role and be recognised for their substantial contribution to the business.”


Udomwit Katepong

“From my point of view, VISTA is very important for our retail business. It is not just a competition but also a learning event where everyone can attend. It is challenging and fun at the same time, and most importantly you will also gain knowledge at the end of the day. I’m really enjoying the fun part of VISTA. I feel like I’m playing detective games with my colleagues. They are the subject matter experts from different areas, and we have to help each other analyse those questions and finding the correct answer together.”

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