Round One results confirm broken records

The results for Round One of VISTA 2015-2016 are in! Over 18,500 participants registered for the current competition and 95% of those submitted complete answers for the first round and are still competing. These impressive figures confirm that this VISTA is the biggest ever!

It really is the taking part that counts – and of course all the knowledge and experience that can be gained through learning. Competing in the largest aftermarket competition in the world may mean long hours of preparation, but the rewards for participating are rich on both a personal and professional level.

Over 18,500 registered competitors means a rise of almost 10% from the previous VISTA competition in 2013. Round One produced many impressive performances from teams around the world. Several scored a maximum thirty points out of thirty.

However, there is a long way to go. Round Two of VISTA 2015-2016 begins on November 5th. Remember there are no shortcuts to success, but stay positive and believe in yourself and your team. The journey is only just underway….




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