VISTA enthusiasm continues to blossom in Brazil

Registration figures for the current VISTA competition have broken records all over the world. One country where interest has been particularly strong is Brazil. Despite an ongoing economic crisis in the country, teams have still been eager to sign up and compete.

Over 600 teams had registered for VISTA 2015-2016 at the time of writing. This is a 4% increase on the last competition for Brazil, part of a 10% overall increase in Latin America. Leticia Watanabe is VISTA Project Manager for Latin America and has been surprised by the increased level of interest this time round. She puts the positive figures down to the expansion in the dealer network in Brazil. “VISTA is so important, especially for the mechanics. Our target was to increase participation by 10%, because of the growth in the dealer network over the past three years. However at the beginning of the year we realised that the situation with the economy was getting worse every day. We knew there was a chance that registration would decrease due to the crisis. Yet we still maintained our ambition to increase the number of teams.”

 According to Leticia, it has not been difficult to encourage participants. “Some teams said they were so busy that they feared they would not have time to answer the questions, but the vast majority said they would compete in every round. It is encouraging that management realise how important VISTA is as a training tool. It is cheap, as it is web-based. This represents a low investment for management. They appreciate the value of the competition when they see the results of the teams competing and the subsequent effect it has on their performance. This is obviously important in terms of increasing customer satisfaction.”

The role of modern communication technology has helped to get the VISTA message across this time in Brazil, with Lync meetings, Skype and other online networks being used alongside email marketing. This was particularly relevant when communicating with VISTA dealer leaders, especially with the major cost reductions being faced. “The dealer leaders’ help was absolutely crucial in increasing the number of participants,” continues Leticia. “When September 9th arrived and I checked the numbers in the VISTA web tool, I almost screamed, I couldn’t believe it! 3075 participants in Latin America, we were very happy!”




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