All-women teams taking the lead in Brazil

The number of female competitors in this year’s VISTA competition shows a small increase on 2013. Six per cent of those who registered globally are women. While this might not sound like a lot, the gender demographic of the competition is slowly changing. Some territories have succeeded in promoting VISTA within the retail sector and, as a result, more women are being encouraged to take part.

The high female participation figures in Brazil reflect the fact that 25 per cent of Volvo retail employees in the country are women, according to the Competence Portal. No fewer than five Brazilian teams are made up of only women. One of these, the MAKE UP team from Fortaleza, achieved the highest score in Round One among teams from Latin America.

The three members of the MAKE UP team are:
Priscila Soares Martins, Parts Sales, Active cell
Debora Nogueira Rodrigues, Warranty analyst
Tuanny Silva de Sousa, Service Sales, Active cell (scheduling)

We interviewed them about how they felt taking part as an all-women team.

How did you get together as a team?
“We work in the same branch, but not the same department. We have a common interest in taking part in the competition.”

How did you hear about the VISTA competition?
“Internal communication in the company and some former participants encouraged us.”

How does being an all-female team affect things when you are competing? Does it bring a specific dynamic?
“Sometimes we feel the impact of people thinking we are not as capable because we aren’t in the workshop repairing vehicles every day. It can be a disadvantage because the vast majority of teams are composed of mechanics.”

There are four other all-female teams from Brazil competing in this year’s VISTA. This is more than from any other country.  Can you pinpoint any reason for this?
“I believe that women like to face challenges and we welcome the opportunity to compete on equal terms regarding theoretical knowledge.”

What are your ambitions for VISTA 2015-2016?
“Firstly we want to learn even more with the examinations. They make us curious to seek more information and thereby earn experience for new challenges.”


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