Poster teams: Team Harju

In the coming weeks we will talk to four teams featured on promotional posters for VISTA 2015-2016. First up are Team Harju from Tampere in Finland. The reigning VISTA champions are relishing competing again.

“The photo on the poster is taken at the gala at the end of the 2013 competition. The feeling was high!”

How did it come about that your team featured on the poster?
“One reason for sure was to motivate the other teams towards a good end result. The photo captures our feelings after the prize giving.”

Do you have any special memories from the competition in 2013?
“We remember the challenge and toughness offered by the competition. No team got full points. The competition and the final week’s programme were very well organised.”

How did you celebrate winning VISTA?
“Well, I think we did all our celebrating in Gothenburg…”

Is it the same members in the team as were there in 2013?
“Our team is in its original setup, ready for some tough competition.”

What have you learned by competing in VISTA?
“Efficient use of systems and software, teamwork and precision.”

Has your preparation been any different this time round?
“Our tactics are preplanned and we’ll go with the same setup.”

What are your hopes and ambitions in this year’s competition?
“A place in the finals – for sure. It would also be nice to see Swedish colleagues in the final!”


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